How We Work

In a first contact with Marie Bonne, a briefing and a profile of the intended professional for the activity in question should be drawn up in partnership with the client.

After this first approach to ascertaining the needs and specifications of the service, Marie Bonne starts a pre-selection process and a recruitment of specialized professionals for the task, according to what was outlined and defined above.

After pre-selection, a shortlist of the most suitable candidates to perform the function is made. These candidates are then called for an interview with the client, and the ideal candidate is then chosen.

Marie Bonne gives a guarantee of 3 months within which the customer can carry out a maximum of 4 employee replacements.


Once the professional has been verified and hired to perform the service, it is up to the client to make to Marie Bonne a payment equivalent to salary + VAT at the rate in force, previously agreed between the Client/Candidate. This payment must be made on the first day the candidate begins to perform the work.

Marie Bonne does not commit to refunds of fees.

To start a recruitment and demand an interview process, the client must pay €30.